WSHA urges OIC to make changes to rulemaking on alternative authorization processes

WSHA staff testified at an October 3 Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) stakeholder hearing and submitted written comments to OIC’s stakeholder draft rules regulating alternative authorization processes, otherwise known as “goldcarding.”... Read More >>

AHA webinar: Improving care for hospitalized adults with substance use disorder

The American Hospital Association’s (AHA’s) Physician Leadership Forum will host a webinar from 10-11 a.m. Thursday, November 9 on improving care for adults hospitalized with substance use disorder, focusing on understanding needs, engaging leaders and changing systems.... Read More >>

WSHA urges OIC to make changes to rulemaking on alternative authorization processes; Written comments due October 10

On Tuesday, WSHA staff testified at an Office of the Insurance Commissioner stakeholder hearing concerning the latest stakeholder draft rules regulating alternative authorization processes, referred to as “goldcarding."... Read More >>

Response needed: Rural health clinics may elect direct payment of encounter rates by Medicaid managed care plans

The Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) is implementing a change to enable a rural health clinics to request to get paid their encounter rate by the Medicaid managed care plans rather than the current combination of plan payment, enhancement payments, and reconciliation process. ... Read More >>

CMS extends date for S-10 uncompensated care corrections to October 31; WSHA provides webinar

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it is extending the deadline until October 31, 2017 for correction to the S-10 forms completed by hospitals. ... Read More >>

Hospital licensing fee increase of $15 per bed effective November 30

Hospitals are beginning to receive hospital bed licensure renewals, reflecting the $15 per bed increase WSHA noted in this July FW article.... Read More >>

Making our communities safer

Last weekend’s mass shooting in Las Vegas is officially the deadliest mass shooting in our country’s history, with at least 59 people dead and more than 520 injured. This horrible display of violence was as shocking as it was tragic. Our hearts go out to the victims, loved ones and caregivers in Las Vegas, and we know we are not immune from such violence here in Washington State.... Read More >>

Medicaid enrollment opens Nov. 1 — get ready!

Open enrollment for Medicaid and private plans starts November 1. The federal budget for promoting enrollment was dramatically cut this year, so it’s going to be up to states and providers to ensure that residents get signed up for health coverage.... Read More >>

ACA repeal failure a victory for health care

Senate Republicans decided on Tuesday not to hold a vote on the latest bill that would have repealed major parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), resulting in drastic coverage reductions, huge budget deficits for the state government, financial harm to hospitals and ultimately worse health outcomes for Washington residents.... Read More >>

State’s All Payer Claims Database

To provide a status report on the Washington all payer claims database, to encourage you to review the claims data for your hospital, and to have a member of your staff participate in a WSHA webinar on September 26th.... Read More >>

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