Fast Facts about Washington Hospitals

This section contains information most requested about Washington hospitals and health care. The reports were created by data analysts from WSHA's Decisions Support Program.

General Facts

Washington has 98 community hospitals, including:  

  • 92 general or pediatric acute care
  • 3 non-governmental psychiatric
  • 1 rehabilitation
  • 2 long-term acute care.

In terms of size and location:

  • 39 are critical access hospitals (small, rural, hospitals)
  • 7 others are rural
  • 52 are urban

In terms of ownership:

  • 47 hospitals are private, not for profit
  • 8 are for-profit
  • 41 are public district
  • one is state owned
  • one is county owned
  • 83 are designated trauma centers

Hospital Beds

  • In fiscal year 2011*, Washington had a total of 14,650 licensed inpatient hospital beds
  • Bed size ranges were:
  • Fewer than 50 available beds: 45 hospitals
  • 50 to 100 available beds:  14 hospitals
  • More than 400 available beds:  6 hospitals
  • Washington State had the lowest number of hospital beds per population in the nation

* When 2011 data not available, 2010 or 2009 data used

Hospital Use in 2011

  • 552,000 inpatient admissions
  • 2.2 million emergency room visits
  • 11.2 million outpatient visits 
  • 410,000 surgeries
  • Washington has the seventh lowest admissions rate per capita in the nation

Community Benefits

Washington hospitals provide large amounts of unreimbursed care to low-income populations.  Hospitals in the state provided charity care costing over $300 million
Many other types of community benefit were provided including unpaid Medicaid costs (over $700 million), educational outreach, screening programs, support groups, education of health professionals, health research, and cash and in-kind donations.   

Expenses and Charges for 2011

Washington hospitals had more than $15.4 billion in total operating expenses 
Charges to:

  • 36.5 percent from Medicare
  • 15.9 percent from Medicaid
  • 47.6 percent from other payers
  • Hospitals employ over 78,000 full time equivalent employees


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Detailed Reports

Decision Support has created detailed presentations that include source information for the facts listed on this page. Fast Facts Reports